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fetch isn’t happening jem


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okay i’m gonna go to bed but when i get back i want to see that all you cuties entered to join my network because it’s gonna be so fetch

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"Because Sherlock Holmes is a great man; and I think one day, if we’re very, very lucky, he might even be a good one.”

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f e a t u r e

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now i might be doing more laughing than crying with this network thanks~ —gotanychocolate

aw yeah that’s one of the reasons i made it. a lot of people on here have been feeling low lately, and sherlock crack always cheers me up so. i’m going to invite as many people as i can, i don’t want this to be a super serious exclusive network. it’s just a bit of fun(:

Hello! I just want to tell you I think your network idea is awesome!~ —castixlle

aw thank you! yeah i’m really pumped about it. i wasn’t sure if people would be into the idea, but it looks like they are!

hello there :) so i reblogged your sherlock crack network, because i think that's a super cool idea and i would really like to join, but i reblogged it from my side blog, because it's my sherlock blog (it's shczza, btw) and i can't follow you from it, i hope that's okay? :) i just wanted you to know that, so you wouldn't think that i'm a sneaky hobbitses. i am following you from this blog, though! aaaanyway, have a nice evening and thanks!! :) —ughraggedyman

you sneaky hobbitses

kidding, that’s absolutely fine sweetheart.

Helloooooooo! How ya doing?!!! I feel crazy, but that's probably because I've been trying to be a crazy, random, pudding monkey since I was born. 'Why pudding', you ask? Well, mostly because I can't really have pudding and I miss it. Anyway, what's your day like? Sorry if this message is intense, but I figured that if any one would understand my sudden-onset-craziness it would be the people on Tumblr. Love ya! —iputmybloodintothis

OH MY GOD I CAN’T HAVE PUDDING EITHER i’m allergic to like all nice food i miss it too. you aren’t intense you’re adorable. this is tumblr darling, we praise the crazy and random! my day has been fabulous thank you, how are you?? aside from pining after pudding??

regarding hvlmeslives/madey's ask and your answer, i can see it now omg, your crack network is just gonna get more and more crazy chaotic until the next episode of sherlock and it would be absolutely insanely awesome —letsplaymvrder

i can’t wait like don’t get me wrong i love the in depth meta and angst and the genius side of the fandom, but i love the creativity of the hiatus. by series 4 there’s going be loads more weird AUs and silly gifs, it’s going to be beautiful.

it's not bad omfg its genius xD (no i totally didnt stare at it laughing for like 10 minutes nope idk what you're talking about) —letsplaymvrder

it is pretty special in it’s own way and oh my god you dork lmfao ily<3

I'm glad you've decided to make the Sherlock crack network ! There's no doubt it'll be hilarious. —hvlmeslives

omg i can’t wait it’s gonna be great. our fandom makes the best crack, because we all go slightly insane during the two year hiatus.

omfg jem did you make that graphic you used for the network? jfc its killing me xDDD —letsplaymvrder

yes i did omg it’s no yuchen so bad lmfao but i love it

This fandom is one of the funniest out there. From comics to tuna!lock, Sherlock crack is an ancient tradition here on Tumblr. Therefore, I decided to dedicate a network to it. Somewhere we can all laugh over the brilliant crack posts people make.


Once you get in

What you’ll get

Soo I think that’s everything. I’m not sure how many members I’ll choose the first time around (depends on how popular this is). But I’ll keep this open, and add members whenever I want some new people! Any questions, just message me.



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when people make “women of sherlock” posts and remember to include sally